BTS RM Reveals Unknown Facts About Himself In Conversation With Pharrell Williams

3 Nov, 2022 12:50 IST|Sakshi Post

BTS RM has shared many interesting facts about himself during a conversation with American rapper Pharrell Williams for the magazine RollingStone. 


1. There is always pain when RM writes music for himself. 

RM has shared in earlier interviews that also it takes so much mental as well as physical pressure while writing a song. And writing music for him is too stressful. 

“When it comes to me, it’s complex….it comes with the pain to confess. But it’s still the most important part for me”, says RM.

2. He translated one of Pharrell's songs into Korean and recorded it.

RM is multi-talented. And no one can beat him when it comes to writing or translating music. RM said that he had translated one of Pharrell's songs titled “Take It Off” into Korean and also recorded it during  BTS’ initial days. 

3. During his first stage performance, RM forgot the song lyrics. 

It would be very stressful for everyone’s first time. Even if it is BTS RM, he went through nervousness when performing for the first time. When went on stage for the first time, he forgot the lyrics while performing and his co-members managed to cover it up. 

And till today, he gets very nervous while going on to the stage every time. 

“I really get nervous. And I really sometimes get depressed, but…I even get swallowed by all the energies, but I’m trying. I try to deal with it because I’m a human (sic) I love the music; I love their love. I think love is really happening when we give (to) somebody, not when we take.” – RM

4. He gives his best effort as payback for the fans’ efforts.

RM said he’s aware of fans’ efforts — the hardships of buying concert tickets and travelling for that one night to see them perform. He gives his best as payback for fans’ efforts.

“From everywhere, they just come for just that one night. It fills me…like I have to pay back. I have to give them…I have to offer them the best night in their lives.” - RM

5. He is almost done with his solo album

RM shared that 90 per cent of the work for his album was done. He considered mixtapes he released previously as experiments and the upcoming album as his official first solo work.

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