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Watch Live: CM Jagan's Speech at Memantha Siddham, Madanapalle

2 Apr, 2024 18:37 IST|Sakshi Post

CM Jagan's Speech Highlights

  • I am very happy to see not a sea but an ocean of supporters in Madanapalli. This ocean is my family, which has come here to defeat the anti-poor opposition alliance. These smiles on your faces make me even more confident that in the next 6 weeks, we will seal a great victory which will be for the poor and the future of the poor in this state. I am ready to win this battle for the poor... are you all ready too?
  • Are all of you ready to safeguard welfare and development in every house, every village, ensure the welfare of your parents as well as a beautiful future for your children? We have done good in every household. Hence, we should not compromise on our target. Are you all ready to win 175/175 MLA seats and 25/25 Lok Sabha seats?
  • After the historic verdict that you gave me in 2019, I took my manifesto to be the Quran, Bible, Bhagavad Gita, and I fulfilled all the promises I made. My government is committed to the future of the people, and we do that without lies or deceit.
  • Everyone, be it me, party workers, leaders, fans, volunteers, I want everyone to visit every household and tell the people the good work done by the YSRCP government. Ask for votes with full confidence. Tell them to vote for us only if they have benefited from us.
  • The opposition is unable to face me alone. Hence, they are coming in groups like a pack of wolves. Their job is to lie to you. Your Jagananna's job is to build a temple in your heart with the good work I have done. Because we have done so much good, see how many people are attacking me. Pachamedia, Dattaputrudu, BJB, Congress, and all other conspirators have allied. What is the need if I have not performed?
  • Students who have scored 99 marks, are they ever afraid of exams? And you tell me, students who did not even score 10 marks, do you think they will pass this exam?
  • Babu, who failed to deliver even 10% of what he promised, do you think he can today stand in front of your child?
  • How are we prepared for this war? It's simple. We prepared for this war for 5 years by ensuring that welfare reaches every household, every village, irrespective of caste, religion, politics, or parties. That's why YSRCP has the right to go door to door and ask for votes for the work we have done.
  • Welfare schemes will continue only if you reimpose your faith in us (YSRCP) and press the button on the fan. There is no reason why we should not win 175/175 MLA seats and 25/25 MP seats? 
  • Never before in the history of our state has anyone distributed Rs. 2.7 lakh crores without any discrimination nor any corruption. If we look at non-DBT, it is about one lakh crores, which means a total of Rs 3.7 lakh crores. We have a track record of doing work without bribes. 
  • The moment you take Chandrababu's name, you get reminded of scams not schemes. Whereas when anyone takes Jagan’s name, you get reminded about - village secretariats, volunteers, pension, good governance, village clinics, Aarogya Suraksha, English medium. This is what Jagan is known for. Jagan will be remembered as the one who gave farmer assurance, free electricity, input subsidy, 31 lakh house titles in the name of elder sisters, 2.31 lakh jobs, AmmaVodi, Vidya Deevana, Kapunestam and Shadi Tohfa schemes, which has never happened in the history of the state. When you take Jagan’s name, what comes to your mind is women empowerment. We brought 17 medical colleges in the state, 4 new ports, new industries
  • This election is a war between a gang of crafty alliances whose foundation is lies and deceit. The leader of this gang is Nara Chandrababu. Like Pasupu pathi who came from the grave in the movie Arundhati, Chandrababu, a Pusupu Pati, rose up after five years to seek power, and this Pasupu pathi wants the CM's chair to suck the blood of the poor. He is constantly trying to fool you with his lies. But don't forget what happened in 2014.
  • Time has come to end the political career of all those who went to the court and filed cases against the allotment of houses for the poor. They spoiled the social demographics of the state. They are against SCs. They want to cut the tails of BCs. They want to rollback the reservation given by my father, for weak, backward and minority community
  • In this election, let the fan that brings you all benefits stay in your house. And the cycle that repeatedly cheats you, let it stay outside the house. The glass from which Babu will drink, should be thrown in the sink… This is mood of Andhra Pradesh
  • 3 days ago, Chandrababu through his aides complained to the EC and stopped the pension payment to the volunteers, who on the 1st of every month would distribute the money with a big smile on their faces. Chandrababu and his men began a vicious program to cancel the volunteer system without thinking about who would be harmed - YOU!
  • In the past too, he opposed English medium in Govt schools, he opposed giving house certificates to elder sisters and now he is blocking the pension given to the grandparents. Isn't this all Pettandari's ideology? They should go to every house and tell the people honestly that they have given a green signal to cancel all the schemes and the volunteer system.
  • Babu will try to stop every single rupee that is being given to the poor. If you want your pension to come directly to your home, you should not give a chance to Babu. For that to happen, you have to press two buttons for the fan in the next 45 days.
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