Happy to be Serving Telangana, Says KTR

15 Jan, 2022 09:42 IST|Sakshi Post

From politics to administration and from movies to sports, TRS Working President and Minister KTR answered it all on the live #AskKTR session on Twitter today. 

As thousands of tweets poured in, the #AskKTR hashtag was trending at Number One position on Twitter. 

TRS Working President KTR remained very candid throughout the session. When asked about how his party will tackle hate propaganda and fake news spread by the opposition, KTR stated that the people of Telangana are smart enough to understand what is real and who works for their state.

When asked about his views on entering national politics, “I am happy to be in Telangana serving my state,” he said. 

KTR stated that the current trend in Uttar Pradesh was towards Samajwadi Party. He said this in a response to a tweet where one asked about how the former sees the mass exodus from BJP. About 3 Ministers and 6 MLAs from BJP left the party in the last two days. 

“Ignoring idiocy is best,” is all that KTR had to say about Telangana BJP leaders, when asked for his response on their insulting statements where they said that Pune was a better city than Hyderabad. 

When asked how he looks at BJP’s behavior of still talking religion instead of development, KTR said “Obviously they can’t speak much about the kind of work they’ve done as they haven’t done any.” 

When asked about tackling BJP in Telangana, TRS Working President KTR said that his party will continue to focus on good governance and development. “People want peace and stability,” he added. 

Responding to an interesting tweet where he was asked about plans of campaigning in Uttar Pradesh elections in support of Samajwadi Party, KTR said “We will take a call soon after consultations”

When asked about his views on the BJP coming up with the idea of renaming the city to Bhagyanagar from Hyderabad, KTR rubbished them all saying “Silly political stunts.” 

Replying to a tweet on debating Revanth Reddy, KTR said “Let him debate with MLA Elvis Stephenson Garu. I don’t get into debates with criminals and 420s like him.”

KTR called Prime Minister Modi’s 15 lakhs in each account promise as “Jhumla of the Century” 

The Minister also took up many administrative queries and issues during the #AskKTR session. When asked about the illegal road closures of Secunderabad, Minister KTR said that the issue will be taken to the next level in Parliament and all other forums. 

Responding to a tweet where one asked about measures being taken to save Devarakonda Fort, Minister KTR stated that he will request Tourism Minister Srinivas Goud to look into the matter immediately. 

In another tweet, the Minister assured to provide Mission Bhagiratha water for Bhoodan Pochampally Municipal Area.

Reacting to a tweet on Warangal bus stand - KTR stated that he has asked KUDA to take this up and also asked Special CS Arvind Kumar to coordinate the works. 

When asked about the Telangana Govt’s plans for electricity supply and fast charging points keeping in mind the increase in number of EV vehicles, KTR said that the TSREDCO is working with many private sector players presently. 

Responding to a dumping yard issue of Thumkunta village, Minister KTR directed the CDMA officials to look into the issue immediately.  

When asked if there were any subsidies or incentives for people who are planning to buy electric vehicles, the Minister clarified that there is a subsidy being offered already.  

Minister KTR stated that the Bahadurpura flyover work will be completed within two months.

Talking about his plans of developing the North part of Hyderabad, KTR said that the Suchitra junction flyover works will be taken up. 

Responding to questions on lockdown and night curfew, KTR said “It will all depend on the number of cases and how the health officials advise the government.”

When asked about gifting a tricycle under the Gift a Smile initiative, Minister KTR stated that he had already delivered more than 200 vehicles which is more than what he promised. “Will do more after Sankranthi,” he added. 

Minister KTR also responded to a few light-hearted questions during the session.

When asked to describe Actor Suriya in one word, Minister KTR said “Fabulous actor”  

On a lighter note, KTR gave some witty responses too. When someone tweeted his disinterest in participating in #AskKTR calling it a PR event, KTR replied, “Glad you chose to participate.”

As a comment under the #AskKTR tweet, Indian Stand up comedian Kunal Kamra tweeted, “Respected Minister, thanks for extending solidarity to stand up comedians.” To this Minister KTR replied “Welcome Kunal Ji.”

The one hour long #AskKTR session touched upon many important topics. The Minister ended the session with Sankranti greetings. His tweet read, “Signing off Guys from #AskKTR. Wish you all a Happy Sankranthi.”

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