RGV New Movie Presents Women In A Demeaning Manner: Social Activist

26 Jan, 2018 14:44 IST|Sakshi
Director Ram Gopal Varma and (right) social activist Devi

Hyderabad: Controversies continue to persist Ram Gopal Varma's movie for the web - God, Sex And Truth.

In the latest development, social activist Devi lodged a police complaint stating that the movie depicts women in a demeaning manner and the release of the film should be prevented. Speaking to media, she said all the necessary evidences have been submitted to the police in this regard.

"The movie depicts women as a commodity. Ram Gopal Varma has no respect for women and the law of the land. Such people have no right to stay in the country," she said. Reacting to the complaint, RGV said that Devi projects herself as a representative of all sections of the society. Despite the controversies and protests by women's groups, RGV is firm on the release of the movie on the scheduled date of January 26.

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