Why Shanmukh-Siri Are Not Appearing In Any Show?

7 Jan, 2022 10:19 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants Shanmukh Jaswanth and Siri Hanmanth seem to be maintaining a low profile after stepping out of the TV reality show. Shanmukh and Siri became popular among the audience for their relationship in the house. The duo earned more fan following than Bigg Boss Telugu 5 winner VJ Sunny.

Shanmukh and Siri Hanmanth are a power couple. When they appear in any reality show, the TRPs soar. If you look at Start Music promo of Star Maa, all Youtubers are new to the audience except Mehaboob, Mounika Reddy, and Siri's boyfriend Shrihan.

Netizens are wondering why the show organizers did not invite Shanmukh or Siri to the show. Shanmukh's relationship with Deepthi broke because of his relationship with Siri in Bigg Boss. Star Maa now wants to take no chances with their TRPs and hence said to be ignoring Shanmukh and Siri, say viewers.  Despite Shanmukh-Siri's popularity and given that they are bigger YouTubers than anyone else being invited to Sunday's has led to a lot of speculations on social media.

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