Katha Venuka Katha Release Date Out

16 Mar, 2023 08:45 IST|Sakshi Post

Dandamudi Box Office is ready with a thriller film starring Viswanth Duddumpudi, Srijitha Ghoush, and Subha Sri in the lead. Directed by Krishna Chaitanya, the promising movie is produced by Dandamudi Avanindra Kumar. The film will be hitting the theatres on March 24.

The film's suspenseful and thrilling trailer was unveiled today. It begins with the male lead (Viswanth) telling his girlfriend that he has bagged a movie offer as a director. His GF's father puts forth the condition that he must score a box-office hit before he can win over his daughter in marriage. And he has got just one year in hand. When a character tells the hero that luck plays a paramount role in the success of an individual in the film industry, we get the sense that 'Katha Venuka Katha' is realistic.

Nail-biting moments follow when a few artists working on the movie go missing. The news is sensationalized by TV channels. The needle of suspicion, for some reason, points at the director of the film. "Three girls acting in your movie have gone missing. They had told their parents they were leaving to meet you before," a cop tells the hero.

Sunil plays a tough cop who handles the case pertaining to the kidnappings. A series of frenetic interrogations follow. When a top cop wonders what is happening, the case appears all the more complex to the audience. There comes a point when the investigator (read Sunil's character) accuses the male lead of being a murderer. "The hunter shouldn't relent. He must hunt," declares the cop.

Thrilling moments, edginess, slow-motion shots, suspense, and romance define this film, going by the trailer. This March 24th, when the film hits the screens, the audience are surely going to have fun decoding and guessing the plot.

Producer Dandamudi Avanindra Kumar has made the film without compromising on making values. The thriller's audio will be released on Aditya Music.

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