The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 4: Day Trippers Review

19 Jun, 2021 14:15 IST|Sakshi Post

The audience is hooked to this show and wants to know every latest update of it. The Bold Type has been going well for four seasons and is currently airing the fifth one. Last week’s episode was a hard-hitting one as many important events took place.  It was a retrospective time for Jane, Kat, and Sutton.

In episode 3, ‘Rolling into the Future’,  Jane finally learned what it means to be a good leader. She was trying too hard and fumbled many times as she took certain decisions that did not help Addison at all. But she realized in time and decided to change. The episode also brought us the much-awaited Kat and Adena reunion.  On the other hand, Sutton was dealing with her divorce. She didn’t let the divorce bring her down but was trying to finally move forward in life.


Now that we are done with the recap of Episode 3, let us take a look at what happened in Season 5, Episode 4 of The Bold Type. The ladies this time had a different experience that helped them get a clear vision.

Jane and Addison’s story had a follow up from Episode 3. As we know Addison wanted Jane to be a good mentor for her and since she didn’t feel that way, Addison was planning on leaving the job. Jane is trying hard to change the way she works with Addison and she is ready to go the extra mile. In episode 4, Jane becomes worried that she will lose a reporter like Addison and starts tripping after microdosing. She goes to work all high and has no idea what she is doing. She sat down with Addison and had a ‘real talk.’


Sutton realized that her drinking habits are out of control. She realized that she has been drinking too much, of late. It is not like she has become a drunkard or an alcoholic, but just that she has been relying on it a lot. The divorce left her in a not so good state of mind, but still, she is trying to make a progress. That is why instead of relying on alcohol, she decided to see a therapist.

Sutton: Do we drink too much?

Kat: Us? Who’s out here drinking three drinks a week? No one. We drink the correct amount.

Sutton: Do I drink too much?

Kat: What’s going on boo?

Sutton: I just… well, Oliver said some things to me today that scared me.

Jane: What?

Sutton: That I remind him of Jasper when he had a problem.

She admits that ever since her separation from Richard, she has been drinking too much. It felt like it was a reasonable way to cope. But Sutton reflects on it and asks Jane and Kat about it. They refuse to answer as these three are best friends and any reply would be a biased one.


On the other hand, Kat decided to resign from her job. She will take up activism. This left the viewers questioning as to what Kat will be doing now. She needs the money and being unemployed is not going to help. Nevertheless, everyone is happy that she was ‘Bold’ enough to decide that.

She will live her life helping others and trying to make a change. 

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