After Months India Records Fewer Than 30K Covid Cases

27 Jul, 2021 14:35 IST|Sakshi Post

During the Covid19 second wave in India, the country was reporting more than 2 lakh and 3 lakh cases. The situation was adverse as the hospitals were full, there was a shortage of vaccines and medical supplies. After months of struggle and a high number of daily cases, now India is finally seeing a fall. The number is slowly going down and now it is below 30,000.

In the past 24 hours, which is as of Monday, 29,689 new COVID-19 cases and 415 deaths were reported in the country. This fall comes more than after 4 months. Especially in April and May, the number was beyond 2 lakh and 3 lakh. The slow fall has finally led to this number.  On Monday, a total of 17.2 lakh samples were tested.

Not just this, but the number of active cases as well has gone down in India. For the first time in 124 days, the number went down the 4 lakh mark. As of July 26, 42,263 recovered from coronavirus. The current active cases number is 3.98 lakh.

Even the vaccine drive picked up the pace in June and July and once again now it has slowed a bit. With the Indian manufactured vaccines and also the approval to the foreign-made ones, the immunization drive has been going fairly well. The states are conducting massive drives and encouraging people to get vaccinated. But after all this, the vaccine has once again become a problem.

There aren’t enough doses for everyone. In many states, the vaccine drive had to take a halt as there was a shortage. Many districts in Kerala stopped the drive for now.

Weekly positivity is 2.33 percent, and daily positivity is 1.73 percent. Both are significantly below the stated danger threshold of 5%. As for daily cases, things are going fine now, but states will still need to stock up and be prepared in case of a third wave.

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