Why Akhil Sarthak Can't Win Bigg Boss Non Stop

13 May, 2022 13:19 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers are waiting with bated breath to watch the grand finale and want to know who will be the winner of Season 1. It's known that Akhil and Bindu Madhavi's names are making the headlines as the top contenders to win the Bigg Boss Non Stop title. There's no denying the fact that Akhil's popularity on social media is growing each day with his performance and daredevil play in the tasks. Hotstar has been focusing on Akhil a lot these days. Compared to Bigg Boss Telugu season 4, Akhil is giving his best and trying to impress the audience. Bigg Boss Telugu OTT analysts had earlier predicted that Akhil had a high chance of grabbing the Bigg Boss Non Stop trophy. But according to viewers and critics who have been following the show closely, Bindu Madhavi will give him a tough fight. 

Bindu Madhavi and Akhil are in the race with an equal score and will battle for the tite. Rumours say that Bigg Boss Telugu OTT makers are planning to make a female contestant the winner this time. The reason for this could be that no actress is interested in entering Bigg Boss Telugu, as the makers have always made a male contestant the winner in all seasons. 

However, in the OTT version of Bigg Boss Telugu, Bindu has proved time and again that she is  a strong and deserving contestant to win Bigg Boss Non-Stop. Well, Akhil might again end up as the runner up of Bigg Boss Non Stop if that happens. However, the winner will be determined by the number of votes received by the contestant.

A section of the audience says that Akhil gave his 100% in the game, but luck may not favor him. Akhil has won the hearts of Bigg Boss Nonstop viewers with his game strategy and attitude. However, Akhil got distracted in between while chit-chatting and back biting about Bindu with Ashu and Ajay. A few mistakes by Akhil have made his populariy drop in terms of position. From day one, Akhil is trying to give stiff competition to Bindu, but he is caught up in some or the other situation which pulled him down. However, Akhil may seem to have realised now that the finale is nearing as he's displaying amazing interest in the game. 

But like we said if makers think of choosing a female winner, Akhil may not stand a chance to win the trophy. What is your opinion on this? Comment below.  

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