Sameer Khakhkhar No More

15 Mar, 2023 13:09 IST|Sakshi Post

The veteran actor Sameer Khakhar passed away at the age of 71. As per the reports, Sameer Khakhar passed due to multiple organ failures. He was suffering from respiratory problems and went unconscious while sleeping. He was immediately admitted to MM Hospital, Borivali. The doctor said that his heart was not functioning properly, and he was put on a ventilator. Later, his condition kept deteriorating, and Sameer Khakhar passed away at 4:30 AM. Khakhar’s funeral took place at Babhi Naka crematorium, in Borivali.

Sameer Khakhar was a Bollywood film and television actor. Sameer Khakhar's notable TV serial roles include that of the drunken character Khopdi from the popular serial Nukkad in 1986, directed by Kundan Shah and Saeed Akhtar Mirza. His most memorable film role was in the dialogue-free Pushpaka Vimana (1987) of the alcoholic businessman who gets kidnapped by the hero, Kamal Haasan. Sameer Khakhar had a long career of 38 years in the industry. He took a break from the industry and settled in the US. Later, he came back and did two Gujarati plays.

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