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Tollywood's Double Standards Exposed: Why Did No One Respond to Murder Attempt on CM Jagan

17 Apr, 2024 16:34 IST|Sakshi Post
Tollywood's Double Standards Exposed: Why Did No One Respond to Murder Attempt on CM Jagan

Tollywood actors and celebrities’ deafening silence over the attack on Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has come under widespread criticism. CM Jagan was injured in a stone attack by an unidentified person during an election campaign in Vijayawada on April 13, Saturday. 

The attack was condemned by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and chief ministers of several states, The stone attack took place in the so-called strongholds of the TDP.  The chief minister was attacked in a premediated manner as the ruling YSR Congress party is getting an overwhelming response from the people in the party’s massive public outreach programme titled ‘Memantha Siddham’ bus yatra in the state. 

Netizens have started attacking the film personalities for choosing to remain silent on the attack on chief minister YS Jagan and not condemning it. A YouTuber, who is focussing on Andhra Pradesh politics has raised some valid questions. She says, the Tollywood film personalities need the support of chief minister YS Jagan right from raising the ticket prices to seeking permission for benefits shows to requesting allotment of land for expanding the film industry. However, they will not raise their voice and condemn the violent act against the chief minister. 

Popular filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, also known as RGV, has tweeted the YouTube video and commented that ‘It is despicable that not a single one from the film industry condemned the stone attack on CM YS Jagan’. 

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