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CM Jagan Roars In Naidu’s Turf; Asserts, ‘What Naidu Failed To Do in 14 Years, I have Accomplished In 57 Months’

26 Feb, 2024 14:48 IST|Sakshi Post

CM Jagan Inaugurates Kuppam Branch Canal

Releases Krishna Water to Benefit Over 4 Lakh Residents in Kuppam & Palamaneru

In a landmark moment for the people of Kuppam, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy inaugurated the Kuppam Branch Canal and released Krishna water to over 4 lakh residents in Kuppam and Palamaneru constituencies today. The water is sourced from the newly constructed Kuppam Branch Canal, a monumental project completed at a cost of Rs 560.29 Crores under the AVR HNSS (Handri Neeva Sujala Sravanthi) Project Phase-2, located in Rama Kuppam Mandal, Chittoor District.

This significant achievement by the YSRCP government ensures the provision of irrigation water to 6,300 acres of ayacut through 110 minor irrigation tanks in the Kuppam constituency. This development fulfills the long-standing desire of the people of Kuppam for access to drinking and irrigation water, marking a new era of prosperity and growth for the region.

Speaking to a sea of enthusiastic supporters at Gundisettipalle in Shanthipuram Mandal, Chief Minister Jagan said, "Travelling 672 kilometers, over hills and canals, climbing 1,600 feet, and entering our Kuppam constituency from Srisailam, we are making history today."

Exposing the failures of Chandrababu's regime, CM Jagan delivered a resounding message. He said, "For 35 years, Chandrababu Naidu represented Kuppam and held the CM office for 14 years. Shockingly, in all this time, he couldn't complete the Kuppam Branch Canal. Instead, he exploited it as a 'fund-raising project,' manipulating estimates and awarding contracts to his cronies. Today, under your son's government, we've transformed neglect into progress, fulfilling Kuppam's long-awaited dream by providing water to 2 lakh people. We've rewritten history with action, not empty promises."

Chief Minister Jagan further lambasted Naidu for committing injustice to the people of his constituency. He said, "Chandrababu Naidu, after facing rejection from the people of Chandragiri constituency in the 1983 elections with a humiliating defeat of 17,000-vote margin, used his money power to capture Kuppam, a BC constituency. For the past 35 years, he has maintained control over Kuppam through his financial influence, neglecting the welfare and development of the constituency. It's time for a change that prioritises the needs and aspirations of the people over personal gains."

Highlighting the stark contrast in social welfare between YSRCP and the previous TDP government, CM Jagan said, "Chandrababu Naidu only allocated Rs 200 crore to provide Rs 1,000 each as a social security pensions to just 31,000 beneficiaries in Kuppam. In contrast, over the last 57 months, the YSRCP government has increased the pension amount to Rs 3,000 and extended it to 45,374 beneficiaries in Kuppam, spending a substantial Rs 507 crore solely on pensions in the constituency."

CM Jagan further emphasised YSRCP's transformative impact on Kuppam constituency. He said, "Who brought Krishna water to your doorstep? Who elevated Kuppam to a Municipality? Who established the revenue division and police sub-division in Kuppam? Who constructed integrated government complexes? It is your Jagan. Chandrababu shut down the Chittoor dairy to benefit his company, the Heritage Group. In contrast, our government revived the dairy by partnering with Amul, ensuring fair prices for dairy farmers. Similarly, Chandrababu and his relative Ramoji Rao obstructed the development of Vellore Medical College in Chittoor. It was your Jagan who restarted it."

Additionally, the CM also mentioned that the government had allocated Rs 66 crore for various developmental projects in the Kuppam municipality, establishing a strong commitment to Kuppam's growth and prosperity. 

Furthermore, the Chief Minister highlighted the substantial welfare support provided by his government to the people of Kuppam. He stated, "Over the last 57 months, our government has disbursed benefits totaling Rs 1,400 crore through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) and  Rs 1,889 crore through both DBT and non-DBT means to beneficiaries in the Kuppam constituency. This support has reached 82,039 families out of a total of 87,941 in Kuppam."

"In addition, the YSRCP government provided Rs 155 crore in incentives to 35,951 mothers in the Kuppam constituency under the Amma Vodi scheme for sending their children to school," he added.

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