Whizzle' mobile ordering app launched in Hyderabad

17 Jun, 2015 17:01 IST|Sakshi
Whizzle' mobile ordering app launched in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: City-based Whizzle Mobile App Pvt Ltd on Wednesday announced the launch of its mobile ordering application 'Whizzle'.'Whizzle' is a smartphone messaging 'Chat Commerce' app to chat with local businesses, Whizzle Founder and CEO Hari Chava stated.

"Customers can simply check the product availability and price with a message and order on the go. Whizzle guarantees a response in less than 60 seconds. It owns the entire order life cycle from receiving orders to home delivery of the goods with support for cash-on-delivery", he said.

"Whizzle enables consumers to go ahead from web search of businesses or desktop era of online basket-based purchase flow to highly personal and intuitive mobile message based transactions", Chava said.

"It allows smartphone users to have a real-time interactive experience with their favourite businesses free of cost through messaging wherein consumers can both enquire and order through this platform", he said.

"Every business can now become a smart business by downloading Whizzle and registering as a business. Whizzle currently has more than 15,000 businesses spread across Hyderabad, Whizzle Technology Head Siddhartha Kongara said. Customers can order food, groceries and any other daily needs, book appointments with spas, salons, clinics and doctors, check prices and availability of any product at most businesses and reserve tables in restaurants and rooms in hotels all with just a message", he said.

"Whizzle app allows two-way communication. Businesses can upload offers on their profiles and attract more customers and broadcast the latest updates or offers to all their users with one click. All offline stores can now compete with e-commerce giants by registering on Whizzle", he said.

After Hyderabad, Whizzle has plans to expand to Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi in next three months.


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