US Man Speaks Chaste Telugu, And The Internet Can’t Stop Listening To Him 

23 Jul, 2019 11:03 IST|Sakshi
Issac Richards (Screengrab)

Hyderabad: It will be an unusual sight when Telugus visiting an ice-cream outlet Haagen Dazs, in Montana are greeted by a blonde US man who speaks chaste Telugu. Taken aback? Yes, this is the case.

Isaac Richards is now a viral sensation in India, and all because of his flawless Telugu speaking skills. He came to the limelight when a group of Telugu customers who visited the store and were left baffled with his Telugu speaking skills and later posted it online.

The video shared by Hyderabad man Ganesh Kesana has been viewed over three lakh views and has also been widely spread.

In the video, Richard is seen telling his customers to speak in Telugu. “Telugu lo cheppandi (Speak in Telugu),” he says. “Meeru rakamundu Hyderbadulo unaara?" (Were you in Hyderabad before you came here?) Richard further asks the customers.

Richards is a missionary and human rights student. He tells that he was in Hyderabad before and had spend a year in Viskhaatnam and Vijayawada.

After the video went viral, Richards posted a facebook video saying that he was from US and not from New Zealand as few had assumed.

"I really like the Telugu language. Andhra Pradesh naa gundello undhi” (My heart is for Andhra Pradesh forever)," he tells in the video.

He signs off promising Indian fans that he will post mroe new videos and jokes in Telugu.
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