Madhavi Latha Fires Shanmukh Fans For Abusing Women

17 Nov, 2021 10:34 IST|Sakshi Post

Telugu Actress Madhavi Latha has acted in films like Snehithuda, Nachavule, and a few.  She got wide recognition among the audience and fans, thanks to her movie appearances. However, She couldn't become a big actor in Tollywood.

The actress always stays active on social media. Madhavi Latha has now slammed fans of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant Shanmukh Jaswanth.

She shared a video on Facebook where she is seen saying that former Bigg Boss contestant Rohini who was seen in Season 3 had posted a video to show her support for VJ Sunny on her own youtube channel. However, much  to her shock, Shanmukh fans not only abused Rohini, but also sent out rape threats.

Madhavi, who learnt of this, lashed out at Shanmukh fans saying abusing women was not acceptable. Shanmukh might be a celebrity for you, not to everyone. People have their own choice, you can't control other people's lives. If you like, respect it or leave it. Why are you people abusing women, she was seen fuming. Here's the full video for you. Take a look at it:

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