BBT5: Priyanka Singh Following Shanmukh Jaswanth, Deets Inside

6 Nov, 2021 09:49 IST|L Manisha

In Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5, Priyanka and Shanmukh Jaswanth are the popular contestants in the house with a huge fan following on social media. It appears that Bigg Boss Telugu 5 has more romance compared to content for the viewers. 

If you recall, Hamida and SRC kissed in the house before the former's elimination.  Later, Siri Hanmanth was seen kissing Shanmukh on his forehead in the same house. Now, Priyanka Singh also repeated the same, as she got kissed by Jessie. 

A section of the audience are saying on social media that there’s a lot of romantic content than interesting content for the viewers in Bigg Boss Telugu 5. They are also saying that Priyanka and Jessie may be following or have drawn inspiration from other contestants. 

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Viewers are clueless about contestants' strategy even after observing their behaviour for all this while. Does it remain to be seen if Nagarjuna will grill all the contestants over kissing scenes in the house?

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