Funny Marriage Scene: Drunk Groom Garlands Bride's Mother

7 Jun, 2021 17:10 IST|Sakshi Post

Take a look at the viral video of a drunken groom attempting to put Varmala on his mother-in-law's neck.

The groom, who was in an inebriated state till the end of the day, attempted to put a garland around the bride's mother’s neck instead of her. The video has gone viral. 

Several videos from the marriage are trending on social media, attracting the attention of netizens. A similar video of a tipsy guy attempting to wrap the Varmala around his mother-in-law has gone viral.

After being published on Instagram by a user named Niranjan Mahapatra, the video quickly gained traction on other social media platforms.

The hashtags 'Thodi jyada pili yaar' accompanied the video. While the video was being uploaded, the uploader added the Punjabi song 'Sorry Darling' as BGM.

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In a brief video clip, the groom can be seen standing and carrying the garland, while the bride and her mother stand opposite the groom for the garland exchange ritual.

Meanwhile, the groom, who is said to have been drunk, is seen looking to his right and attempting to put garland his mother-in-law instead of the bride. His mother-in-law immediately pushes him away, and his friends take him to the bride.

He slips and falls asleep on a chair while attempting to wrap the garland around the bride's neck. The humorous video has evoked a burst of laughter on the internet and triggered a meme fest. In reaction to the video, which has approximately 900 likes and views, many have posted hilarious comments.

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