Tom De Longe: Blink-182's new album ‘One More Time’ is really good

3 Oct, 2023 13:40 IST|Sakshi Post

Los Angeles, Oct 3 (IANS) Rock band Blink-182 guitarist Tom De Longe has opened up on the upcoming album ‘One More Time’ which is scheduled to be released on October 20, saying it is really good.

Speaking to 'The Hollywood Reporter', the guitarist said: “It’s really good, and I think people are going to really like the diversity and the progressive nature of it.

“They’re going to hear the heart and soul of who we are, but they’re also going to hear some left turns that still fit. So I think it’s going to be received really well by our fans.”

Talking about the emotionality of the track and how the group hasn’t employed any heavy riffs for the song, De Longe said: “That’s the thing, especially with a band like ours. We’re always like, 'When does it get big?' 'When do the big guitars come in?'

“And it crossed my mind, but yeah, we did the ballad thing. We just kept it what it was, and it seems to work. So no complaints over here. It seems to be doing its job. To be honest, we’re just lucky to have anything that people care about at this point.”

Elaborating on the single’s music video and who decided the theme for it, De Longe added: “I think that came from the label. One of the people at the label had that idea, and it works so well with that song.”

The music video features a nostalgic slideshow effect of several background images from different eras of the band in a pure kaleidoscope fashion.

He added: “I wasn’t quite sure how it’d come off, so I was just cruising along and saying, ‘Just tell me where to be’.

“But when I saw it at the end, I was like, ‘Wow, this works really well’. It’s really nostalgic and really brings people into our story, which a band is always trying to do. So I’m thankful that it worked at all.”

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