Tom Cruise asked Pom Klementieff to redo her lines in French for 'MI 7' scene

1 Jun, 2023 18:35 IST|Sakshi Post

Mumbai, June 1 (IANS) French actress Pom Klementieff, who will be soon seen pulling off some daredevil stunts in the upcoming Tom Cruise-starrer action film 'Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One', shared that while working with Tom for the first of the film's scenes, she was asked by the Hollywood star if she could redo her lines in her native language.

Talking to IANS, Pom said: "I remember, I and Tom did a dialogue scene and he said, 'Maybe you could do this scene in French'. I translated my lines from English to French and even though it was a very bad translation, it lent authenticity to my character."

"Having said that, I prayed that no French person should watch this scene and judge my native language skills," the actress said as she burst into laughter.

Talking about how she bagged the film, the actress told IANS: "I kept sending fighting instant videos to my agent and told them that I want to do action movies. I also sent them the updates with regards to my training. My agent then came across a query from the director of the film, Christopher McQuarrie, about an actress who would be interested in doing an action movie."

"And, my agent was like, 'Oh yes we have this woman who keeps sending a barrage of footage about her stunts and actions'. I and Christopher met for dinner at our first meeting and I was really impressed by his love for movies, his kindness and his approach to storytelling", she added.

Distributed by Paramount Pictures, 'Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One' is set to debut in Indian theatres on July 12.

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