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Director Sujeeth unveils the meaning behind Pawan Kalyan's "OG" title.

28 May, 2024 18:51 IST|Sakshi Post

Director Sujeeth's new action thriller, "They Call Him: OG," stars Tollywood heartthrob Pawan Kalyan with Emraan Hashmi, Arjun Das, Priyanka Mohan, and others, stirring excitement and anticipation among fans eager to see Pawan Kalyan on screen once more. Addressing discussions about the film's title, Sujeeth explains that "OG" is an abbreviation for the character Pawan Kalyan portrays, named "Ojas Gambheera." "Ojas" signifies a fight master, and when combined with "Gambheera," it forms "OG," mirroring Pawan's character in the movie. "OG" also stands for "Original Gangster," aligning with the film's theme.

During a promotional interview for "Bhaje Vaayu Vegam," featuring Karthikeya Gummakonda, Sujeeth revealed these insights into his upcoming project. He disclosed his decision to neglect an initial offer to work on a remake with Pawan Kalyan, preferring the impact of an original project.

Pawan Kalyan, after fulfilling his political responsibilities, will return to the film industry and delight his fans and cinema audiences with "They Call Him OG" on September 27, 2024.

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