Allu Arjun aka Pushparaj Now on Central Govt's Social Media Handles

21 Jan, 2022 13:08 IST|Sakshi Post

Innovative usage of the "Pushpa" trend by the I&B Ministry to raise awareness

Hyderabad: "Pushpa" and Allu Arjun are virtually everywhere. And everyone gets caught up in the "Pushpa" craze. The fame of the icon star has risen to new heights. He's currently on the official Twitter accounts of the central government.

To raise COVID-19 awareness, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry shared a meme based on Allu Arjun's "Pushpa." And the craze is incredible. Allu Arjun's character from the film "Pushpa" is shown wearing a mask in a tweet shared by the I&B Ministry's Twitter feed '#IndiaFightsCorona @COVIDNewsByMIB', which gives updates on COVID-19.

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The photo of the movie's famous hero is being used to disseminate the idea that everyone should wear a mask and keep safe, whether it's Delta or Omicron. The caption says, “#Pushpa..#PushpaRaj ho ya koi bhi, Our fight against #COVID19 is still on!”. And, the actor seems to be saying “Delti Ho Ya Omicron. Main Mask Utaarega Nahin”. This is a creative way to use the trend to reach out to people.

“Jo Mask pahnega, Wo Corona ke aage JHUKEGA NAHI…” said the Ministry of Railways, who shared the same meme on Twitter.

Both the government's Twitter accounts encourage people to wear masks to combat the pandemic. They also advise people to practise Covid-appropriate behaviours such as handwashing, physical separation, and immunisation, all of which are crucial in limiting Covid's spread.

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The popularity of "Pushpa" and Allu Arjun's character Pushpa Raj has been amazing since the film's release.

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