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Who is Praneeth Hanumanthu? What is his controversy? Know everything about the issue.

9 Jul, 2024 10:36 IST|Sakshi Post

The internet has been hearing 'Praneeth Hanumanthu' for a few days because of a controversy. Celebrities and netizens are asking the police department to take action against him. But who is Praneeth Hanumanthu?

Praneeth Hanumanthu is a prominent Telugu YouTuber with over 170K subscribers. He often shares roasting videos with his friends but recently crossed a line by making insensitive comments on Paedophilia. In a recent video, he mocked a father-daughter relationship with crude jokes and offensive remarks alongside his associates.

Praneeth's father, H. Arun Kumar, is an IAS officer who reportedly served as a civil supplies and EO secretary in AP. His elder brother is also a well-known YouTuber who provides styling tips.

Following the video's viral spread, disgusted netizens expressed their outrage in comments. Actor Sai Dharam Tej was the first to react, calling on Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy to take decisive action. Telangana CM and Deputy CM Batti Vikramarka, as well as Andhra Pradesh DGP, responded to the issue, applauding the actor for his proactive stance.

Dharam Tej's post read, "This is beyond gruesome, disgusting and scary. Monsters like these go unnoticed on the very much utilised social platform doing child abuse in the disguise of so-called Fun & Dank. Child Safety is the need of the hour. I sincerely request Hon'ble Chief Minister of Telangana @revanth_anumala & Deputy CM @Bhatti_Mallu Garu, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh @ncbn Garu & Deputy CM @PawanKalyan Garu & @naralokesh Garu to take necessary action to curb horrific acts like this in the future."

Vishwaksen, Manchu Manoj, and the producer of Sasivadhane joined in, urging the police department to take stern action.

In response to the controversy, Sudheer Babu tweeted, "I feel disgusted to have him cast in his latest movie. Sudheer Babu's tweet:

"I'm not a social media guy, nor do I keep up with things. I feel so disgusted by the fact we had #PraneethHanumanthu cast in #HaromHara. Sincere apologies from me and my entire team... We should make sure these sick minds don't have a platform for the filth they want to spread. This isn't freedom of speech by any means," he added.

The issue has now come to light with Sai Dharam Tej's post. The Telangana Cyber Security Bureau (TGCSB) said the case was registered last night. The YouTuber uploaded an apology video on his YouTube channel, Phanumanthu, saying that this was a mistake. 

Check the response of the Telangana state government on the issue.

Renu Desai took to Instagram to share her views.

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