T-Hub Celebrates Seven Years of Impact in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem of India

5 Nov, 2022 22:41 IST|Sakshi Post

T-Hub, which leads entrepreneurs’ success with defined results through  effective global collaborations, today organised its seventh Foundation Day to celebrate the spirit of  entrepreneurship and innovation. Empowering the thriving startup ecosystem, the event witnessed thought-provoking conversations from industry leaders, government representatives and other  dignitaries to inspire the next generation of founders and dreamers. Since 2015, T-Hub has contributed immensely to the Indian innovation and startup ecosystem and has helped create jobs and enabled  funding opportunities for startups.  

To celebrate, inspire and engage the startup community, the event focussed on T-Hub’s 6Ms - Mentors,  Market, Motivation, Manpower, Money, and Methodologies. The event brought together eminent  dignitaries, including Jayesh Ranjan, IAS Principal Secretary, Information Technology (IT) Government of  Telangana, Srinivas Kollipara, Group President Startup Ventures for Xelpmoc Design & Tech Ltd. & Co Founder, T-Hub, and Anu Acharya, Founder & CEO Mapmygenome.  

KT Rama Rao, Minister of IT, Industries, MA&UD, Government of Telangana, said, “Over the past seven  years, T-Hub has developed into a leading example of connecting startups with key stakeholders of the  Innovation ecosystem, such as the government, academia, corporations, and investors. T-Hub has played  a disruptive yet progressive role in helping Telangana state become a national technology hub for Indian  entrepreneurs and innovation seekers. T-Hub is a true inspiration for global level tech development from  our country by diversifying and bolstering the economic foundation as well as enabling our state to maintain  global competitiveness.”  

Jayesh Ranjan, IAS Principal Secretary, Information Technology (IT) Government of Telangana, said, “To  build a more prosperous and equitable economy in India, our entrepreneur community will need all the  empowerment to grow faster and create more jobs. Importantly, it is also required for the corporates,  investors and other state governments to evaluate and utilise the Indian tech solutions generated, T-Hub  provides them all the access to collaborate and enables them to succeed. T-Hub in Telangana state has  proved to be an example of how and why India can stay strong in the game of global level startup  innovation and incubation hubs.” 

MSR, CEO, T-Hub, said, “In these seven remarkable years, T-Hub has been committed to creating an  ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurship and innovation. Our robust innovation ecosystem has helped  founders overcome entrepreneurial challenges while providing a network of experienced mentors, funding  avenues, market access and networking opportunities with ecosystem stakeholders. Further, we will  continue to support India’s growing entrepreneurship culture to drive economic and business  transformation and cement India’s position as a top global innovation hub.”  

The event followed the theme of 6M’s, with each M’s dedicating an important learning session. T-Hub  organised a panel discussion on ‘Connecting the dots: The T-Hub way’ moderated by Srinivas Kollipara,  Anu Acharya, and Sudheer Bandaru, Founder & CEO of Insightly Analytics, as panellists.  

The event also witnessed a fireside chat on ‘Pivoting - How to Stay Ahead of Time? Handling Challenging  Times’ led by Jivraj Singh Sachar, Founder, Indian Silicon Valley Capital Venture Operations & AngelList  India and Gaurav Mangla, CEO & Co-Founder, Pickrr Technologies Pvt Ltd. Vikram Vuppala, Founder &  CEO, Nephroplus delivered a T-Hub talk sharing his roadmap to success. The event hosted another  interesting panel discussion titled ‘Journey from Seed to Series A’ moderated by Dr Srikanth Sundararajan,  General Partner Ventureast Discussion and Sateesh Andra, Managing Director Endiya Partner Pawan  Kumar Chandana Co-founder Skyroot Aerospace and Sandeep Bommireddi, Co-founder Adonmo as  panellists.  

The event concluded with an award night, facilitating innovators from across the country, and T-Hub also  launched a mentor & mentee handbook. The handbook showcased the impact and interventions by  mentors over the past year through T-Hub’s startup and capacity-building programs.  

Prior to the foundation event day, T-Hub hosted an exclusive one-of-a-kind Internship Mela to boost collaboration between academia and startups. As a result, around 90+ startups registered with 350+ job  applications, and about 2000+ students from 50+ academic institutions attended the mela. Through this, T-Hub made it easier for students interested in entrepreneurship to connect with startups and look into internship opportunities.  

T-Hub has designed and delivered 100+ innovation programs in the last seven years, enabling 2000  startups to scale nationally and globally and connecting them with various influential ecosystem  stakeholders. T-Hub’s corporate innovation programs have successfully achieved 50+ scaling  interventions, 150+ corporate interactions with startups, 60+ corporate innovation programs and curated  innovative startups in 50+ countries. It has over 600 international and national corporates and 2000  mentor connections. T-Hub will continue to develop strategic programs to elevate the levels of innovation by effectively engaging stakeholders and will keep supporting other ecosystem enablers – TSIC, T-Works, WE HUB, RICH, and TASK by sharing knowledge and resources, as and when needed.

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