KTR Warns BJP Against Politicising TSPSC Issue for Selfish Gains

18 Mar, 2023 08:38 IST|Sakshi Post

Minister KTR lambasted Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay on TSPSC paper leak issue. Bandi Sanjay's baseless allegations on the state government without knowing the fact that TSPSC is a constitutional body and the State Government has a limited role to play shows the level of ignorance of the BJP President, adds KTR. 

KTR remarked that BJP is trying to create unrest among the unemployed youth by attributing the mistake made by one individual to the entire TSPSC. He reminded that it was Bandi Sanjay who appealed to the youth to leave jobs and stop preparing for exams to campaign for the BJP.

Minister KTR noted that there are numerous instances of paper leaks in various BJP ruled states and BJP has no moral right to question BRS government's commitment for the unemployed. "In 8 years, 13 question papers were leaked in Modi's state Gujarat. Does Bandi Sanjay have the guts to ask for Modi's resignation," questioned KTR.

KTR said, "When any issue happens, how the government reacts is important." He mentioned that as soon as the paper leak issue came out, the State government acted swiftly, constituted a SIT and arrested all the accused. 

KTR said that though the incident was unfortunate, keeping in mind the future of all the eligible candidates and to deliver justice, TSPSC has cancelled the Group-1 prelims exams. 

Minister KTR appealed to the youth and students of Telangana that there is no need to worry about recruitment. The Minister assured that the BRS government will take all kinds measures to ensure justice to each and every unemployed youth in the State. He added that the TRS government had already shown its commitment to the unemployed youth by filling up more than twice the number of jobs promised. The Telangana government has brought a new zonal system unlike anywhere else in the country with the lofty ambition of getting 95 per cent of jobs for the youth of Telangana, which is proof of the government's commitment towards the welfare of the youth, he remarked.

Minister KTR said that Bandi Sanjay resorted to a similar type of baseless personal allegation earlier with regards to intermediate examinations without having minimum awareness on the functioning of government wings. He warned that Sanjay would have to face criminal cases in the future for his politically-motivated conspiracies. KTR warned the BJP to stop politicising the issue for their selfish gains.

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