Karimnagar Police Arrest Fake Baba For Extortion

23 Jun, 2021 12:49 IST|Sakshi Post

Fakes Babas are ruling the roost in various parts of the city. Fake babas are cheating gullible victims promising to solve their problems. A man who was working as a security guard in the SBI bank met a baba. After a few days, the baba said that he would solve his problems by doing pujas. The incident took place in Karimnagar district.

The security guard named Gandham Ramesh, a resident of Durshedu village who believed the words of Baba gave him nearly Rs. 2,00,116. Baba said that he would do pujas and homams in various other places of the country and would solve his problems. He took money from the security guard on the pretext of doing pujas.

The security guard later tried to contact him but baba was unavailable. He found that he got deceived in the hands of Baba and filed a case in the nearest police station. A case has been registered and on Tuesday, the Karimnagar task force police arrested the fake baba.

There are many online babas as well and are using mainstream media to advertise their skills to attract people. Some of the babas are targeting women saying that they would solve all their problems. These babas would create false fears in the minds of victims to extort money. Babas would change their location all the time. Many people in Telangana believe in black magic.

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