Hyderabad: Bandi Sanjay's Sensational Comments On KCR

10 Jan, 2022 10:06 IST|Sakshi Post

The BJP will send KCR to jail: Bandi Sanjay

Warangal: Telangana State BJP President Bandi Sanjay Kumar today slammed the state's Chief Minister, KCR, saying that if the party wins power, the CM will be sent to jail. He made these statements while speaking at a public assembly, asking that the state administration annul GO No. 317, which was issued for staff transfers. The meeting's primary guest was Assam Chief Minister Himantha Biswa Sharma.

Speaking on the occasion, He claimed that the CM, who was meant to help the staff, was making them weep. He asserted that the Telangana state was founded only as a result of the employees' pen-down protests. He stated that they would not forgive KCR or his family. In regards to staff transfers, he asked the CM as to how the employees coupe would function in two distinct districts.

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He said that the CM was acting irrationally. He asserted that none of the employees were pleased with their transfers. He said that the CM instigated conflict among staff by classifying them as senior and junior employees.

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