Xiaomi Air Charges To Make Your Phone Charging Wireless

25 Jun, 2021 17:55 IST|Sakshi Post

In a recent patent application, Xiaomi's sound charging technology was revealed.

Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has been working on new technology related to sound. For the past decade, Xiaomi has been a smartphone technology pioneer.

Xiaomi, a smartphone pioneer for the past decade, has made significant advancements in screen technology, computing power, and wireless connections. However, charging technology has not progressed as quickly as anticipated.

The company attempts to charge a device via sound using this patented technique. The patent discloses that 'sound charging' technology has two key components. The firm debuted its 'Air Charge' technology in January. This technology allows the phone to be charged no matter where it is in the room. The phone charges itself using a concentrating technique known as beam farming.

Since last year, the firm's technology has achieved new milestones. Researchers are attempting to speed up the charging process for mobile manufacturing businesses. Xiaomi has created a 200-watt charger recently. However, it appears that the business has recently submitted a patent application for 'sound charging' technology. Xiaomi has registered for a patent with China's National Intellectual Property Administration, according to the report.

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