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South Korean trot star Jung Dong Won to venture into forming a dance-focused idol group

20 Feb, 2024 12:05 IST|Sakshi Post

Seoul, Feb 20 (IANS) Popular South Korean trot singer Jung Dong Won, known for his recent stint as an idol under the name 'JD1', is all set to venture on a new musical journey as he plans to form an idol group.

The plan entails assembling a dynamic dance ensemble through rigorous audition processes.

Previously embracing the persona of an 'artificial intelligence idol' with his alter ego 'JD1', Jung Dong Won invested nearly two years into choreography and styling endeavours.

‘Who Am I’ a recent track by them, showcased JD1’s talents in collaboration with Ryan Jeon contributed to the song's production, reports

The agency expressed their ambitious vision for JD1, positioning the idol as a formidable contender in the competitive K-pop market, ready to explore diverse avenues alongside JD1.

Now, JD1 is poised to conquer new horizons with the formation of a dance-focused group.

The selection process is currently underway, with emphasis placed on identifying individuals with exceptional singing and dancing abilities to complement JD1's vision.

Notably, Jung Dong Won made his debut with the single 'Miracle' in December 2019, garnering attention for his distinct musical style.

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