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‘Sisterhood’ reminds Nitya Mathur of her own school life & being in a close-knit girls' group

12 Jun, 2024 17:40 IST|Sakshi Post

Mumbai, June 12 (IANS) Actress Nitya Mathur, who is awaiting the release of her upcoming show ‘Sisterhood’, has shared that the show closely resembles her school life.

Quite similar to the show’s narrative, Nitya too had a close-knit group of girls in her school, and their antics occasionally landed them into trouble.

For her, it was an enjoyable experience to portray the character of Nikita Waghmare in the show. She said that her character embodies mischief, both deliberate and incidental.

The actress said: “Nikita is a troublemaker, with a playful and rebellious streak, yet fiercely loyal to her friends. Bringing her to life was a delightful experience. Interestingly, my own school days were reminiscent of Nikita's world. I was part of a tight-knit group of five girls, inseparable and constantly immersed in giggling and laughter. While I tended to be obedient and calm most of the time, our collective antics occasionally landed us in trouble.”

The journey down memory lane added an extra layer of authenticity to the role, making it all the more rewarding for her.

She further mentioned that keeping the character in mind, she had to let go of all forms of conventional femininity and etiquette that women are often conditioned to carry. She described the process as “quite liberating”.

Giving insights about ‘Sisterhood’ and what makes it unique, she said: "It’s about friendships and the rollercoaster of emotions you go through in one, especially when we’re in school. We spend so much time with our friends, figuring out the world and ourselves, together. Sometimes it’s a smooth ride, and sometimes it becomes rocky. But when a friendship is so deep that it grows into a sisterhood, you know it’s a special one.”

“Considering the world we live in, what makes ‘Sisterhood’ unique, I think, is the purity and innocence in the show. There’s a certain beautiful naivety when you’re in school, which I think the show has captured very well. But also, whether currently in school or not, everyone will relate to the core of the show, which is friendship,” she added.

Meanwhile, she also has the Bhuvan Bam-starrer ‘Taaza Khabar 2’ and the mockumentary ‘Shanti Bhavan’ in the pipeline.

Disclaimer: This story has not been edited by the Sakshi Post team and is auto-generated from syndicated feed.

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