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Sharvari: Was blown away when I saw the CGI character in ‘Munjya’

19 Jun, 2024 14:55 IST|Sakshi Post

Mumbai, June 19 (IANS) Actress Sharvari shared her amazement upon seeing the CGI character in her recently released horror comedy “Munjya,” stating that she was blown away and that, while shooting the film, she only had a reference for what the CGI character would look like.

Sharvari said: “My producer Dinesh Vijan and my director Aditya Sarpotdar had an insanely massive aim to deliver a theatrical experience like no other through 'Munjya'.

"They were clear that the CGI character needed to wow people, and Dinesh sir went to the best VFX company to fulfil their vision.”

“I was blown away when I saw the CGI character in the film, and the audience are feeling the same too which is why our film is such a huge blockbuster.”

'Munjya' is based on Maharashtrian folklore and features a ghost in the film. The CGI character has been put together by one of the top Hollywood VFX companies in the world, DNEG, headed by Brad Minnich.

She added: “While shooting the film, we only had a reference of what the CGI character will be like but when I saw the final avatar, it was an incredible feeling. This character has won people over.

“Brad (Minnich) has done an exceptional job and I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked so closely with him at this stage in my career. It was a thoroughly enriching experience.”

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