Rende Rendu Aaksharala Prema Lyrical Song Release

5 Jun, 2023 10:12 IST|Sakshi Post

Sadan, Deepika Reddy and Rekha Niroshi will be playing the leading roles in the 'Bhari Taraganam'. The film is directed by Shekhar Mutyala, Bhari Taraganam is produced by BV Reddy under the banner of BVR Pictures. The makers have unleased 'Rende Rendu Aaksharala Prema' from the film. The music has been music director Sukku, this song is sung by Jayashree Palyam.

On this occasion, the producer said, "This film is being made as a love and comedy entertainer. We already released first look, teaser, Ali who acted in Daaba song received a positive response. With the same hope, we are releasing the song as it will be even more entertaining.

The shooting of the movie has been completed. Recently we showed the film to some distributors. They all appreciated the movie with that courage, we are going to bring the film to the audience Telugu audience will definitely support small films Our film will entertain all sections of the audience," he said.

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