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Recalling a burial scene she was in, Riya Sharma says it was a reminder of 'greatness of life'

23 May, 2024 13:00 IST|Sakshi Post

Mumbai, May 23 (IANS) Riya Sharma, who portrays the lead role in the show 'Dhruv Tara - Samay Sadi Se Pare', has shared her experience of filming an intensely charged burial scene, revealing the emotions she went through during the shoot.

Talking about the challenges of shooting the sequence, Riya, who portrays Tara in the show, said: "It was an intense experience. I felt a mix of fear and grief, and shooting this sequence was incredibly challenging as I was covered with mud from head to toe. A rush of thoughts flooded my mind, making me empathise deeply with innocent victims who endure unimaginable suffering in the world."

"In that moment, lying there, I could understand the preciousness and beauty of life. I thought about the moments spent with loved ones and realised how grateful I am to be able to breathe and live. It was a much-needed reminder of the greatness of life and the importance of cherishing every moment. As soon as the shoot ended, I immediately called my parents and spoke to them at length," she added.

'Dhruv Tara - Samay Sadi Se Pare' airs Monday to Saturday at 8 p.m. on Sony SAB.

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