Popstar Tsumyoki signed to Divine's Gully Gang, announces debut album

3 Jun, 2023 12:25 IST|Sakshi Post

Mumbai, June 3 (IANS) Popstar Tsumyoki has been signed on to rapper Divine's Gully Gang and has announced his debut album titled 'A Message From The Moon'.

Titled 'A Message From The Moon', this captivating 13-track album has been meticulously crafted over a span of three years and features other upcoming talents such as Jaden Maskie, 2Jaym, Elttwo, Prophet Joegus and Kidd Mange.

Covering his trajectory since his preliminary years in the music industry, each of the bubbly tracks effortlessly spotlight Tsumyoki's evolutionary journey and serve as a nuanced demonstration of his own life experiences. While the album unflinchingly explores the profound gratitude he embodies for individuals who have helped him prosper, in dark contrast, it also navigates through the unhealed scars caused by absence of closures in past relationships.

Tsumyoki stated: "Symbolically, my moniker represents the moon, and I wanted to share a very personalised perspective on my takeaways and experiences since when I started out on the scene."

"I couldn't think of a more apt album name because while the moon stands for Tsumyoki, the sun embodies the people and places that have profoundly inspired and impacted my life unconditionally and I want to express my gratitude towards them."

He added: "Through this album, I wanted to rejoice the co-dependency of the moon on the sun and in a way celebrate the good over the bad and champion the positive people in my life, despite the sorrow and sadness. The album is a collection of my experiences with growth, grief, affection, separation, and realisations recorded over 3 years and crafted into 13 songs."

Musically, Tsumyoki employs a rich tapestry of emotive elements, blending pop, rock, and introspective sounds, resulting in an album that seamlessly flows from start to finish with a smooth summery tropical vibe.

The album releases via Gully Gang and is available on all major streaming platforms.

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