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Pilates allows 'foodie' Sherleen Dutt to stay fit and eat what she loves

12 Jun, 2024 19:15 IST|Sakshi Post

Mumbai, June 12 (IANS) Actress Sherleen Dutt is a self-confessed foodie, but she doesn’t let that get in her way in maintaining her physique.

Sherleen, who is making her Bollywood debut with 'Koi Jaaye Toh Le Aaye', said: "As a big-time foodie, I don’t believe in restrictive diets. Instead, I focus on a balanced approach. I enjoy all my favorite foods but in moderation. And I ensure my meals are rich in proteins, healthy fats, and fibers, and include plenty of vegetables and fruits."

"Balancing my love for food with a commitment to fitness, both physical and mental, has been essential for my well-being. Pilates has been a wonderful addition to my routine, allowing me to stay fit while enjoying the food I love,” said Sherleen, who has been a part of projects like 'KINK', 'Honey Trap Squad', and others.

For Sherleen, mental fitness is also equally important.

"It’s the foundation of overall health. To maintain mental fitness, I meditate for at least 10 minutes once a day to stay calm and centred," she said.

To unwind, Sherleen spends time with family and friends -- "Cooking, eating my favourite foods, and watching my favourite films help me unwind and stay happy".

Talking about fitness and diet tips, Sherleen said: "Two tips that have really helped me are -- drinking plenty of water throughout the day keeps me energised and aids digestion. And consistency is the key. Even on busy days, I make sure to fit in some form of physical activity, whether it’s a short Pilates session or a brisk walk."

Disclaimer: This story has not been edited by the Sakshi Post team and is auto-generated from syndicated feed.

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