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Parents of murdered fan seek ban on actor Darshan from Kannada film industry

12 Jun, 2024 13:55 IST|Sakshi Post

Bengaluru, June 12 (IANS) The angry parents of Renukaswamy, the fan who was allegedly murdered by superstar Darshan, on Wednesday sought a ban on the actor from the Kannada film industry.

Ratnaprabha, the mother of the deceased fan, told the media on Wednesday that Darshan should be banned from the film industry and his films should not be allowed to be released in Karnataka.

Calling Darshan a villain, she said that he is a thief and criminal and his fans should know about the heinous crime their idol has committed.

“Darshan’s son should also meet the same fate as my son has met,” she said, cursing the star.

Renukaswamy’s father Shivanagouda stated that Darshan could have informed them about the obscene message his son had sent to Pavithra Gowda and they would have reprimanded him.

“God should give Darshan enlightenment not to hurt anyone like my son in future. My son’s wife is pregnant. I am retired and how is she supposed to lead her life?” he questioned.

Meanwhile, Karnataka Police continued to interrogate Darshan, Pavithra Gowda, and the 11 other accused for the second day on Wednesday in connection with Renukaswamy’s murder.

Darshan, Pavithra Gowda, and the others were arrested on Tuesday and have been remanded to police custody for six days.

Pavithra Gowda was kept at an observation centre overnight, while the other accused, including superstar Darshan, spent the night in the cell of the Annapoorneshwari Nagar Police Station in Bengaluru.

Police Commissioner of Bengaluru city, B. Dayananda and DCP (West), S. Girish visited the police station on Wednesday morning, received a briefing from the Investigation Officer, and gave directions for the case.

The investigation has so far revealed that Renukaswamy had allegedly sent a picture of his private parts to Pavithra Gowda and claimed in the message that he was better than Darshan.

Pavithra Gowda shared this with one of the accused, Pavan, who then informed Darshan, resulting in the murder of Renukaswamy, police sources said.

The police sources also said that Pavithra Gowda was called to the shed where Renukaswamy was being kept and tortured. She was made to beat him with her slippers.

Darshan and his associates assaulted his private parts, keeping the victim’s message in mind.

Sources also said that Darshan had given Rs 30 lakh to a gang to dispose Renukaswamy's body and claim responsibility for the murder.

Accordingly, four persons surrendered at the police station and claimed they had committed the crime.

However, when the police interrogated them separately, their statements contradicted each other, and the police were successful in uncovering the truth.

Meanwhile, Darshan’s first wife has unfollowed him on social media and also deleted her profile picture following these developments.

The first wife had lashed out at Pavithra Gowda for sharing pictures with Darshan and writing about their 10-year-long relationship.

After a heated exchange of words on social media, a section of fans supported the first wife, while another section blamed Pavithra Gowda for destroying Darshan's family life.

Renukaswamy wanted Darshan to be with his first wife and son, so he targeted Pavithra Gowda whenever she posted her photos with the actor on social media.

Police sources said Darshan and his associates allegedly attacked Renukaswamy brutally, hitting him on his head, face, chest, and back.

The accused also slashed his nose, mouth, and jaw. Burn injuries were found on the body, indicating the use of a hot iron rod.

Sources claimed that more than 10 people, including Darshan, attacked Renukaswamy and threw him against a wall multiple times.

The deceased's family said that Renukaswamy worked at a pharmacy and had been married for a year. His wife is five months pregnant.

The murder came to light on June 9 after an unidentified body was spotted in a canal by a security guard.

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