Mahi V Raghav Enters Crime Scene With Shaitan

30 May, 2023 10:18 IST|Sakshi Post

‘What you call crime, they call it survival,’ ... Mahi V Raghav dives deep into the world of crime for his upcoming show titled Shaitan,  a gut wrenching and hard hitting revenge drama.
Written and directed by Mahi, Shaitan features - Rishi, Shelly, Deviyani and Jaffer– in principal characters. The show depicts the socio-political events that led to the rise and downfall of a criminal Bali and his family. Why did they choose the path of crime for survival? The drama unfolds
For the first time in a Telugu web series incidents are shown in a gruesome way that are scary and will send chills down your spine. Shaitan has unprecedented violence and bold content that is very disturbing.

So watch the show at your own risk!
Unnerving on Disney + Hotstar from June 15, 2023.

After the super success of the web series Save The Tigers, director Mahi V Raghav and Disney + Hotstar are teaming up for the second time.

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