Is Nipah Virus More Dangerous Than Coronavirus?

8 Sep, 2021 13:06 IST|Sakshi Post
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Nipah Virus is more lethal than Coronavirus.

No vaccines for the Nipah Virus as of now.

Things are becoming more difficult for Kerala as they are currently dealing with both coronavirus and Nipah virus. Cases of the Nipah virus are now coming forward. Even though the number is less, for now, it is still concerning as there is no vaccine for it now. On the other hand, there is also an increase in the Covid19 cases in the state.

Both the Nipah virus and coronavirus are different. They are similar in nature for sure but overall different in the way it gets transmitted and its symptoms.


Nipah virus was first identified back in 1999 after its cases were first reported from a village in Malaysia, Sungai Nipah. It has been established as a zoonotic infection. This means that the infection can be transmitted from animals to humans or even humans to animals. It is transmitted between species.

If we want to identify the host, it will be difficult as it could be anything from a cat to dogs, pigs, horses, fruit bats, sheep, and any other animal. It gets difficult to identify as in nature it is maintained in a flying fox. These are a type of fruit bat and very difficult to identify infection in them.

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Now if we talk about coronavirus, we still do not know its origin. There have been many theories, but none are 100% true. Still, there is confusion regarding its origin. Earlier theories were that it first originated in a Wuhan Market called Wuhan Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, but there has been no confirmation for it yet.


As per the Global Virus Network, the Nipah virus's R0 (R naught) was assessed to be 0.43. R0 is a mathematical term that describes the average number of new infections that a single sick individual can cause in a community. R0 must be greater than 1 (>1) for an infection to spread through a population.

Covid19 is highly infectious and highly transmissible but it is not as fatal as the Nipah virus. You can recover in self-isolation with basic medicines or in some cases hospitalization. As per the data, the mortality rate for Covid is below 1 percent.


For the Nipah virus, we do not have any cure yet. There is no medicine or antidote. Even for Covid19, there is no designated drug. Doctors use Remdesivir, but that again is a repurposed medicine. Nipah virus (NiV), also there are no licensed treatments currently available. There is no drug or vaccine for this virus.

Vaccination for Covid19 is on, but even after two doses, you can contract the virus, but it will not be as severe.

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