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Review: Harom Hara

14 Jun, 2024 13:46 IST|Sharada
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In this period drama, Subrahmanyam (Sudheer Babu) is a small-time college employee in Kuppam. He is in love with a kind-hearted, cute teacher (Malavika Sharma). Subrahmanyam's friendship with Palani Swamy (Sunil), a suspended constable, leads him to know about the monetary benefits of making guns. He does his homework and starts making guns (the same day probably. Remember, he is a gifted genius). His weapon smuggling activities make him the rival of the most dreaded villains around. He also locks horns with Kiranmayi (Akshara Gowda), an uncompromising cop.


Sudheer Babu is remarkable. He is the only saving grace of the film. Even though most of the scenes are illogical, it is he who keeps the film from sinking completely. Sunil has a full-fledged role and his characterization reminds us of Kesava from 'Pushpa'. He is the narrator of the story.

Arjun Gowda, Jayaprakash, Akshara Gowda and others don't add much value to the proceedings. The baddies look broadly the same because of their thick beards and costumes. 

Technical Departments:

Chaitan Bharadwaj's background score was given God-level elevations by the makers. Sadly, it delivers limited value. It is heavily inspired by Anirudh Ravichander's style. Recently, Yuvan Shankar Raja too tried to walk into the same trap with 'Gangs Of Godavari'. Arvind Viswanathan's cinematography is an asset.

The film has nothing groundbreaking on the production design front. The locations are ordinary. The action scenes are pale.

Plus Points:

1. Sudheer Babu's acting.
2. The gun-building element.
3. The production values.

Minus Points:

1. Sketchy characterizations.
2. The absence of logical coherence is glaring in the second half.
3. The climax is undone by the presence of too many defective weapons and brainless villains. Probably, if and when a sequel is made, we will be told the hero himself had made those defective weapons to defeat the antagonists.
4. The narration lacks impact because of the predictability factor.
5. The father-son scenes are routine.
6. The heroine becomes a mere cog in the wheel with no meaningful presence.


'Harom Hara' is a hotchpotch of some of the biggest action dramas in recent times lacking any highs.

Sakshi Rating: 
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