Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review

22 Mar, 2023 13:46 IST|Sakshi Post

Das Ka Dhamki stars many known faces. Vishwaksen is its hero. Nivetha Pethuraj, Rao Ramesh, Rohini Molleti, Ajay, Hyper Aadi, Akshara Gowda, Mahesh Achanta, and others have done the movie. 


Krishna Das and Sanjay Rudra are doppelgangers, which means they look exactly the same. The former is a waiter in a five-star hotel. The latter is the CEO of a pharma company whose financial fortunes are badly affected because of a real-estate tycoon named Dhanunjay and a miracle cancer drug project that goes haywire. 

Krishna Das steps into the shoes of Sanjay Ruda when the latter's babai requests him to help the company and its CEO from bad elements. A beautiful young woman named Keerthi also has a role in his life.


Vishwak Sen looks good. His performance is confident. In both roles, he is shows sincerity. But he should have shown a difference in body language while playing the CEO's role in a better way. 

Nivetha Pethuraj plays a glamorous role. She should have shown better comic timing. Hyper Aadhi's and Mahesh Achanta's comedy help. Rao Ramesh is nice. Ajay passes muster. Rohini Molleti fails to evoke concern for her character in the audience. Akshara Gowda is wasted. Pranati Rai Prakash's special song is dull. 


The first half is all about situational comedy inside a five-star hotel. The hero-heroine scenes are typically lifted by sidekicks doing comedy. This film turns into a thriller in the second half. 

Ajay's villain character needed better writing. His one-dimensional character drags down the film in the second half. The fights are below average. The songs are distracting and don't make any impact. Leon James, the film's music director, shows the least amount of interest in giving this film a facelift. 

The twists in the second half are not engaging. They are not useless twists, but the execution is very lame. 

This film was touted as Vishwak Sen 2.0's dashing foray. But the script has thoroughly failed the talented actor in relaunching himself as a new brand. 


'Das Ka Dhamki', written and directed by Vishwak Sen, loses steam in the second half. Some laughs are the saving grace.

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