‘Morya Karo Mangal’ marked Akriti Kakar’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations this time

26 Sep, 2023 19:30 IST|Sakshi Post

Mumbai, Sep 26 (IANS) Playback singer Akriti Kakar, who recently released her devotional song, ‘Morya Karo Mangal’ on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, has shared that this time around the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at her home were marked by the newly-released track.

Speaking about ‘Morya Karo Mangal’ Akriti said: “This song is immensely close to my heart as I believe a lot in Ganpati Bappa. I have been observing 3-day Ganesh Chaturthi for 8 years at our home now. So this year with the song coming out Ganesh Chaturthi has been even bigger for me. We sang it everyday for Ganpati Bappa at home and it kept playing on loop in our playlist.”

She further mentioned: “Vipin Aneja is a dear friend who I’ve known and looked up to since I started performing, and has a deep understanding of music with a gifted voice.

“When he came to me with this song, I was thrilled to record with no questions asked. Composed by Gulraj Singh & Manoj Yadav on lyrics, and our voices in the song, the whole experience has been surreal. I hope and pray it reaches out to all the devotees of Ganpati Bappa.”

‘Morya Karo Mangal’ is available to stream on YouTube and across major audio streaming platforms.

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