Julia Roberts talks about the ‘hardest drug’ she’s ever done

9 Dec, 2023 15:10 IST|Sakshi Post

Los Angeles, Dec 9 (IANS) Hollywood star Julia Roberts spoke about taking drugs in the past as she confessed the "hardest drug" she has ever tried using.

Roberts was speaking on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Host Cohen asked: “Julia Roberts, what is the hardest drug you’ve ever tried?”

The star then hesitated as she replied: “Mushrooms.”

Cohen probed further asking if it was a “positive experience.” She then nodded and laughed as she responded: “Yeah, it was nice. Kids, don’t try it at home!”

The Oscar winner didn't give any further details on when it was she had tried the drug or who she was with at the time - if anyone, reports mirror.co.uk.

‘The Pretty Woman’ star previously had to deny rumours of drug addiction more than 30 years ago when she cancelled her wedding to Kiefer Sutherland just three days before they were due to tie the knot.

At the time Roberts was subsequently hospitalised for five days suffering from the flu causing a barrage of rumours that she “had a problem with drugs.”

Speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival she called the vaping trend “hideous” as she outlined how her family tackle the topic of drugs.

She said: “Fortunately, the five of us are super close and at dinner, which we have just about every night the five of us are together, it becomes part of the family conversation: ‘Do you know what this is?’ ‘Have you ever heard about this?’ ‘Well, have you ever done that?’ It’s about figuring it out together.”

She elaborated that she tries to “put her sort of personal disgust” about drugs to the side so she is “be able to have a conversation” with her children. Julia and her husband of 21 years Danny Moder are parents to twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 19, and son Henry, 16.

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