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Jitendra Kumar, Tillotama Shome's booster shot of motivation for IIT aspirants in ‘Kota Factory 3’

11 Jun, 2024 11:25 IST|Sakshi Post

Mumbai, June 11 (IANS) The trailer for the upcoming third season of the streaming drama 'Kota Factory' was unveiled on Tuesday and it highlights how coaching centres in Kota have shifted from nurturing every student’s potential to mass-producing top rankers.

The trailer begins with Jitendra Kumar’s character, Jeetu Bhaiyya, discussing in a podcast that not only the results but also the preparations of IIT aspirants should be celebrated.

The trailer also introduces actress Tillotama Shome as a teacher who understands the recent challenges faced by students.

In another part of the trailer, Jeetu Bhaiyya is asked why he is called "Jeetu Bhaiyya" instead of "Jeetu Sir." He explains that students who come to Kota are 15-16-year-olds suddenly thrown into the harsh realities of the world, left to fend for themselves. While they have all the resources to prepare for the exams, they lack moral support as they live away from their families.

Jeetu explains that being the support system for these students is a significant responsibility, and "Jeetu Sir" is not capable of fulfilling it. The students need "Jeetu Bhaiyya" and not "Jeetu sir" to perform better and avoid breaking down in the process.

Meanwhile, Mayur More’s character, Vaibhav, fails to secure a seat and must go through the entire process again, putting a strain on his friendships.

In closing, Jeetu Bhaiyya emphasises that every student matters to him, whether or not they secure a rank in the IIT. He states that he founded his institute on this philosophy and will continue to run it accordingly.

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