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Jessica Chastain says she gained more energy after turning vegan

25 Feb, 2024 17:00 IST|Sakshi Post

Los Angeles, Feb 25 (IANS) Actress Jessica Chastain, who is known for 'Interstellar', has shared that she gets "sick" if she doesn't stick to her vegan diet.

The actress swears by abstaining from meat, fish and dairy products as it boosts her energy levels and believes she is intolerant to fish, reports ‘Female First UK’.

Asked what her biggest vice is, she told Radio Times magazine: "I don't do drugs and I'm vegan.

"I was feeling very sick and my friend said, 'Why don't you eat vegan for two weeks?' The first week I was very hungry, and the second week I felt amazing. When I finished the two weeks I went to a restaurant and ordered fish and risotto and I felt sick again. So, I decided to just eat vegan.”

Jessica added: “Now, I have so much energy and I do four movies a year. I also don't drink coffee usually but when I go to Italy (her husband is Italian), I might have an espresso.”

As per ‘Female First UK’, the actress has been supporting veganism for a long time, as well as having a passion for sustainability.

Jessica is also a LGBTQ+ activist and campaigns for women's rights and equality in the movie business.

She said: "I very actively support anyone who I feel is being mistreated. I think it was something that was instilled in me in childhood. I had no one tell me to be this way. It's just kind of who I became.”

Disclaimer: This story has not been edited by the Sakshi Post team and is auto-generated from syndicated feed.

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