ISRL Season 1: Jordi Tixier prepared for 'challenging track' ahead of Round 2

11 Feb, 2024 01:35 IST|Sakshi Post

Ahmedabad, Feb 11 (IANS) Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) Round 1 champion Jordi Tixier from France of BB Racing, participating in the 450-cc international category, emphasized the difficulty faced in the completely different racetrack of Round 2. “When difficulty gets going you need to use your skills”, he stated ahead of the second-round competitions, here at EKA arena, Transtadia.

Round 2 of ISRL will take place at EKA arena, Transtadia, Ahmedabad on Sunday.

However, Round 2 of the ISRL poses many challenges to the riders and all eyes will be on Jordi Tixier, the French powerhouse from BB Racing who had dominated Round 1 in Pune just weeks before. His victory still fresh in the minds of fans, Tixier knew that Round 2 would be a different beast altogether.

On the practice day on Saturday, he found that the track was unlike any other. The soil offered less traction and demanded more precision and finesse from the riders. Many found themselves challenged, with falls and skids marking the day. Tixier, too, felt the weight of the track beneath his wheels. The fourth turn, with its eight daunting slopes, posed a formidable obstacle. Yet, amidst the difficulties, he found a sense of exhilaration.

“Ya, this track is completely different from the Pune one. The traction is less here on the soil, so you need to ride very carefully but it’s good for the competition. The level should rise, the difficult terrain will only make you a better rider.

"Initially, I was having difficulty in getting traction with the track but after some laps, I figured out and used my skills to complete the laps. It’s all about the skills, and dirt-track racing you need to use your skills apart from the bike mechanism and to be honest today we got tested,” Toxier told IANS.

“The fourth turn was the most difficult one to deal with. Since it has as many as eight slopes you need to be very cautious with the acceleration and the brakes. But at the same time, I enjoyed it, I enjoyed the racing. The difficulties will only enhance you and your skills and will make you a better rider,” he added.

But it wasn't just Tixier who faced the hurdles of the track. Riders like Matt Ross and Ikshan of BigRock Motorsports encountered their struggles, each battling against the unforgiving terrain.

The fourth turn with eight slopes was one of the difficulties faced by every rider on the day. As many as 12 riders skidded off the track and faced difficulties in riding.

Mazi Shakkir, in the 85-cc category from the BigRock Motorsports team, was the first one to be taken off the track after falling. Ikshan Shanbhag, Bhairav Gowda, and Aleena Shaikh were the other few who faced difficulties while negotiating this section of the track. Even the experienced ones like Matt Ross and Reid Taylor too were challenged heavily by this track.

“The track is very challenging,” said Ross. “The initials rounds are very difficult to carry on without hurting yourself, but with the ending lap, it got easier to drive with. A few of the riders fell and it looked very scary, but that is what racing is all about. There will be great competition on Sunday.”

Ikshan's fall, the most harrowing of the day, served as a stark reminder of the risks involved. Yet, even in the face of adversity, the rider remained undeterred, he said: “It just got flat, the bike bumped on my chest, I was unconscious for a minute but I was fine.”

Previously in round 1, Australian racer Reid Taylor of BigRock Motorsport, riding a Kawasaki, led the 250-cc international race taking the team ahead. Thanarat Penjan from Thailand, of BigRock Motorsport riding the Kawasaki, won the 250-cc India Asia Mix providing additional support to the team.

After Round 1, BigRock Motorsport leads the table with 213 points, BB Racing are second with 153 and Mohite’s Racing team are third with 145 points.

The thrills on the practice day ensured that it would be a great Round 2 on Sunday. The riders have faced difficulties but they are supercharged for the race day.

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