Indian unicorns excel in offering maternity benefits, OPD coverage: Report

17 Mar, 2023 01:35 IST|Sakshi Post

New Delhi, March 16 (IANS) Indian unicorns excel in offering maternity benefits, OPD coverage, and telehealth consultations, as compared to early-stage start-ups, high-growth businesses, and mature-stage companies, a new report said on Thursday.

According to employee health insurance platform Plum, almost all unicorns are concerned about their female employees' well-being, with 96 per cent of them offering maternity benefits, and around 80 per cent providing a maternity limit above Rs 50,000.

Additionally, half of the unicorn companies have covered their employees' families, offering a plan that includes all immediate family members including spouse, children, and parents.

"Indian unicorns have taken a positive step towards prioritising employee well-being and have established a model for modern work culture," said Abhishek Poddar, co-founder and CEO of Plum.

"Amid the current environment of uncertainty, it is essential for companies to pay heed to their employees' holistic health. The costs of healthcare in India are rising and a single illness can drain a family's lifetime savings. Therefore, as employers, it is important to cover employees and their families healthcare costs," he added.

Moreover, the report found that about 16 per cent of unicorn companies have included OPD (outpatient department) coverage in their standard employee health benefit plan, which is nearly double the 8 per cent of all segments combined.

Offering OPD coverage is crucial since 65 per cent of healthcare expenses in India are paid out of one's own pocket, said the report.

Further, the report mentioned that all unicorns have included other employee health benefits on top of the health insurance coverage, with telehealth consultations being the most essential health benefit offered.

Around 75 per cent of unicorn companies preferred to offer it to their employees, and 30 per cent of them believe in planning a holistic combination of Health Insurance, Accident and Disability Insurance, Term Life Insurance, and comprehensive telehealth consultations for their employees.

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