Can You Find KTR in This Karimnagar School Group Photo From 1984?

28 Jun, 2021 18:04 IST|Sakshi Post

"Bharath, a classmate of mine from 4th grade sent this pic yesterday Smiling face with smiling eyes

It was St. Joseph’s public school in Karimnagar. Strange but true, I was able to recollect the names of almost all in the pic," stated KTR in his tweet with a throwback pic from his school days way back in 1984.

Now, can you identify Telangana IT minister KTR in this picture?

If you are wondering where KTR is in this picture. Many have expressed the same doubt. KTR‌ however, did not clarify on that part. However, many commented that the second boy from the left standing was KTR‌.

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