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Gujarat govt readies for monsoon with disaster management strategy

20 May, 2024 23:00 IST|Sakshi Post

Gandhinagar, May 20 (IANS) Gujarat Chief Secretary Raj Kumar on Monday presided over a review meeting to assess the state's preparedness to tackle natural calamities during the monsoon season.

Fifteen National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and 11 State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) companies have been kept on standby, officials said at the meeting, adding that mock drills and training for disaster volunteers will be conducted at various locations across the state.

The Chief Secretary emphasised the “importance of proactive measures to prevent any loss of life” and stated that the “administration must be fully prepared well in advance to mitigate any potential damage".

Kumar also met representatives from all the state departments, central security agencies, and the three branches of the armed forces, alongside officials from various central government departments to review and discuss pre-monsoon preparedness.

Kumar highlighted “the need to train disaster volunteers in the rural areas and to review preparations in regions that have historically experienced heavy rainfall”.

He also stressed the “importance of inspecting and evacuating old and unsafe buildings in the urban areas to prevent casualties”.

Instructions were given to conduct mock drills and to gather water level details of the major dams such as Sardar Sarovar and Ukai in advance.

During the meeting, the Chief Secretary said the more prepared the state is, the more effective the relief and rescue operations will be, minimising the potential damage.

He also urged all the departments to have updated disaster management plans as he emphasised effective coordination between the state and Central government offices and security agencies.

The state will have 15 NDRF and 11 SDRF teams available for deployment as needed. These teams will have sufficient boats, life jackets, and advanced communication facilities. Officials shared that the Chief Secretary also called for checking facilities at the shelter homes and ensuring proper information exchange between taluka and village levels.

An official from the meteorological department provided detailed information on the upcoming monsoon, predicting its onset around May 31 in Kerala, indicating an earlier-than-usual arrival in Gujarat. The weather department will provide weekly updates on rainfall.

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