Trending: Masala Dosa Icecream Rolls Join Bizarre Foods List

18 Jan, 2022 15:10 IST|L Manisha

South Indian foodies are upset after an ice cream maker experimented with their most popular food, masala dosa. We had heard earlier of fusion foods like Strawbiryani, Croissant vada pav, pineapple burger, rasgulla chaat, and Rooh Afza maggie. Now, the latest we hear is that of  masala dosa flavoured ice cream rolls, which have now been added to the list of bizarre foods.

Foodies are familiar with paan, pani puri, masala chai, and tamarind-flavoured ice creams; but, this unusual flavour has received mixed reactions from Instagram users after a creator posted a video of the ice cream's creation. The video, which was posted on Instagram by food blogger @thegreatIndianfoodie, has received 1.5 million views, 17k likes, and over 2k comments.

The maker can be seen in the video pouring masala dosa (Dosa with Masala Potato Filling) onto the frozen pan roller, smashing it, and then adding a scoop of ice cream. He then blends the mixture and carves it into rolls, which he serves with a topping of aloo filling and coconut chutney. Netizens comments for the video is super hilarious.

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