ITC’s Dermafique brings More Than just a Luminous Glow with its BB Crème

5 Jan, 2022 16:39 IST|Sakshi Post

ITC’s Dermafique brings More Than just a Luminous Glow with its BB Crème

ITC Dermafique recognises the need to have an inside-out approach to skincare that is led by science, and the new Dermafique Age Defying BB Crème powered by Plant Stem Cell Technology with PhytoCellTec™ is testament to the same!

BB Crèmes are generally used to conceal skin concerns like uneven skin tone, pigmentation, or create a make-up look. While most BB creams are a great solution for a "no makeup" makeup look, Dermafique BB Cream does more. It has plant stem cell technology that boosts cellular activity and regenerates old cells. It also corrects pigmentation, restores resilience and gives a luminous glow outside and nourishment inside. It is dermatologist tested on Indian skin to reduce uneven skin tone in 2 weeks and reduce pigmentation post-4 weeks of regular use, based on a consumer study.

Speaking on the launch of BB Crème communication, Dermafique Skin Expert and Dermatologist, Doctor Aparna Santhanam, says, "Generally, BB Crème is used as a base for makeup or as a replacement for a foundation. Science-based skincare now brings unique products that not only work as a makeup base but also work on the skin internally to nourish it. I recommend using a BB Crème powered by Plant Stem Cell Technology that will not only give your skin a luminous glow from the outside but will also nourish your skin from the inside and will reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone in a few weeks of usage. So, this season, while you enjoy the outside glow of a BB crème, let it also work from the inside and be your saviour for healthy, Zen-like skin!

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They also launched a brand film for Dermafique Age Defying BB Creme, which focuses on building conversation for skincare products that have an Inside-Out approach and educates consumers about the PhytoCellTec TM Technology in its BB Crème, advocating smart face-care. The film has been directed and conceptualised by Namita & Subir Consultancy.

Watch the film here: Link Here

Price: INR 1299 for 50gm

Availability: Amazon, Nykaa

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