Watch: Yatra 2 Director Hits Back at Critics Over Land for Film Studio

12 Feb, 2024 18:03 IST|Sakshi Post

Filmmaker Mahi V Raghav, who recently scored blockbuster with political drama 'Yatra 2', has slammed critics for questioning his plan to set up a mini studio in Rayalaseema region. He asked his detractors, “What has the film industry done for Rayalaseema so far?”

The director recently expressed his wish to build a small two-acre studio to encourage film infrastructure and opportunities in his neglected region. He said it is unfortunate that a section of the media misinterpreted his idea without realising the underlying intention. 

Mahi lamented that at a time when no filmmaker is showing interest in shooting for their films in the drought-hit region, he thought of contributing to the development of his native region. He asked why the detractors didn’t criticise other filmmakers who were given lands for building studios during the previous governments. 

“For the film industry, Rayalaseema just means an area where no one is interested in shooting films. In their regime, they allotted land to their favoured people elsewhere. But no one questions that.” he said. 

As someone born and raised in the backward region of Madanapalli in Rayalaseema, I have a strong desire to give back to my community. I have built a successful 16-year career in the film industry as a writer, producer and director and have shot my films "Sidda Lokam Ela Undhi Nayana", "Pathashaala", "Yatra" and "Yatra 2", he added. 

The talented director reiterated that it is his dream to give back to his native region and he had no ulterior motives in doing so. He said he thought the infrastructure project would help provide jobs and economic opportunity for the locals.

“I have merely requested two acres of land to construct this studio and it is not an unreasonable demand,” the director added. 

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